Craft ideas. A handmade SAILBOAT

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This is seriously the easiest craft to make and a wonderful toy to play in the water. A handmade SAILBOAT is a cute kids craft idea, which is sure to delight and impress. To make it you'll need: half a walnut shell, a toothpick, a piece of plasticine and colored paper.

The scheme of making:
1. Out of paper cut 2 squares (a big and a smaller one), and pin them onto the toothpick.

Craft ideas. A handmade SAILBOAT
2. Put a small piece of plasticine into a walnut shell.
3. Stick the mast-toothpick into the plasticine. The SAILBOAT is ready!

Craft ideas. A handmade SAILBOAT
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It`s cool! Kids are fond of making such kinds of sailboats.

Sailboat fron a walnut shell
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