Craft ideas. A BLACK KITTEN

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Kids craft ideas. You'll be glad to have such a nice craft, which can decorate your window — that is a BLACK KITTEN. The kitten is in a posture, as if it climbed out of the window. It looks attractive and charming, isn't it?

Materials for making the kitten:
a black knitted peaked cap,
1 pair of children's or women's socks,
black children's tights of 4-6 or 6-8 size,
2 pieces of colored wire 45 cm long,
1 black sheet of thick felt,
1 gray sheet of thick felt,
glue or double-sided tape,
1 orange sheet of felt,
two 2,5 cm eyes,
a toy mouse,
needles and threads,
sticky tape.

How to make a black kitten

1. To make the kitten's body, put filler material into the cap, socks and tights, leaving about 5 cm of fabric not filled, which will be tied with a wire later. With this wire join the kitten's body with the head and the tail.

2. Out of black felt cut 2 triangle ears. Then cut out 2 small gray triangles and glue them in the middle of each ear.

Craft ideas. A BLACK KITTEN

3. Cut out the whiskers and 12 triangle claws from gray thick felt, a triangle nose — from the orange felt. Attach the ears, eyes, whiskers and the nose with glue or double-sided tape.

4. Sew a toy mouse into the kitten's mouth. Attach the claws.

Craft ideas. A BLACK KITTEN

5. Then, with the help of scotch fasten the cat on the window, so that its head and body may be on different sides of the window.

Craft ideas. A BLACK KITTEN

The craft is ready.

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