Coloring for Kids. The Lesson of Creativity for Children - Painting with Fingers and a Palm, Photos

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You can also find spectacular ideas in coloring for kids. This lesson of creativity will show you an unconventional but quite lovely way of depicting the surrounding world — painting with fingers and a palm. Why should we only paint with brushes, felt-tip pens and colorful pencils? Fingers and a palm can also serve as a nice instrument for painting. Besides, a child's thumb obeys him better than a pencil.

For example, a kid will paint a tree better with a hand than with other drawing tools. He'll use a finger to draw a stem and twigs, then (if it's autumn), he covers his palm in yellow, green and orange paints and colors above an Indian red tree. It'll be nice if you teach your child to use the fingers efficiently: all of them but not a thumb only. Start this activity with two-year-old kids.
The means of expressiveness: a blot, a dot, a short line, color, a fantastic silhouette.
The needed materials: a wide saucer with gouache, a brush, thick paper of any color, large sheets of paper, napkins.

A child (from the age of 2) puts a palm (a hand) into gouache or color it with a brush and makes an imprint on a piece of paper. Children paint with both hands colored in various paints. If it's necessary, a kid may paint with a finger putting it in gouache and making dots, blots. Each finger is covered with the paint of different color. After the work you rub the hands with a napkin and wash the gouache easily off.
Here is what you've painted:

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