Coloring for Kids. Activities in a Kindergarten - an Unconventional Method of Painting - Ordinary Blot Painting

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Coloring for kids is in the center of our attention and we want to show you an unconventional method of painting — ordinary blot painting. It's one of our activities with the kids in the kindergarten.

Do you remember how Buratino upset Malvina putting a large ink blot on a sheet of paper? He was even punished and sent to the store-room. It's a pity but Malvina didn't know that such a wonderful method as blot painting exists. We have already learned such unconventional trends in painting — blot painting with a tube and blot painting with a thread. Now we pass to an ordinary blot painting. This unconventional method is good for the children older than 5 years old.

The means of expressiveness: a blot.

Materials: paper, Indian ink or watered gouache, a plastic tea spoon.


A child takes some gouache with a plastic spoon and pours it on a sheet of paper, a blot appears. This sheet of paper is covered with another one. (Or you may fold in two an initial sheet: drop some gouache on one half of it and cover it with the second half). Then the upper sheet is taken away and the imprint is examined: what it looks like. The missing parts of the pictures are painted with a brush or felt-tip pens. Here two methods can be used — blot painting and monotyping.

Look at our works:

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