Christmas kids activities. A Handmade Christmas Tree Bauble - SNOWMAN, a Master Class

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Christmas kids activities. Do you want to bring more of the Christmas spirit into your home? Do you want to make your children busy and entertain them? Then this art lesson for kids is for you. A Handmade Christmas Tree Bauble — SNOWMAN. This master class is quite interesting, let's start.

What You Need:

— a workpiece out of veneer or cardboard
— acrylic paints: white, blue, orange, red, green, brown, silvery, golden
— brushes: round # 1 and 4, flat # 8-10
— cotton-wool disks or a piece of foam rubber
— cotton threads — red and brown
— a thin knitting hook
— scissors
— P V A glue or «Moment»
— a pencil

What You Do:

Take a wide flat brush and color the parts «Head», «Body», «Legs» with white paint, the part «Gift» — with red, «Mittens» — with green. Don't forget that each part has two sides and a butt.

With a pencil mark the elements of painting: on the part «Head» — eyes, a nose, mouth, eyebrows, a cap; on the part «Legs» — the picture of the knitted socks; on the part «Gift» — a ribbon.

Mix white and blue paints to make light blue. With round brush #4 color the parts «Head», «Body» and «Legs» with wide strokes in the way showing the ball-shaped form of the Snowman. Prepare blue paint a bit darker than the previous one and with thinner strokes emphasize the edges of the head, the body and the legs. Using silvery paint with a cotton wool disk or a piece of foam rubber rub the «snowy» parts of the Snowman to show the frosty glitter.
With round brush #1 color an orange nose in the form of a carrot. Mixing white and red paints color the cheeks pink. The eyebrows, eyes and mouth are painted in brown.

With red paint and brush #6 color the parts of the cap and socks. With green paint and brush #2 draw a picture imitating the knitting on the cap and socks. The strokes are short as if they were eyelets. Don't forget about the butts.

Advice: To make the rows even, first you can mark them with thin lines in pencil. With brown paint and a thin brush outline the edges of the cap, socks and the heels of the socks.
With golden paint, using brushes #2 and #4 color the ornament on the box, the ribbon and the bow. Outline the shape of the bow with a thin brush using brown paint. As the box will be glued on the Snowman's body, the reverse side may not be painted; but the bow and the ribbon on the butts should be colored.

With a thin knitting hook and red yarn knit a scarf in size 8-10 cm long for the Snowman. If you can't knit, you can make a scarf out of fabric or lace. Join the head to the body, the body to the legs with brown threads. In the hole on the mittens fasten the thread folded in two. Tie the threads into a knot 3-4 cm from the mitten. Put one thread through the hole on the Snowman's body and fasten the arm with a knot. This fir-tree bauble can be hung on a brown thread or on a decorative ribbon. Using P V A or «Moment» glue, stick «The Box with Gifts» on the body. One of the mittens is glued to the body of the Snowman, the other — on the box, as if he's holding the box in the hand.

Tie the scarf up.

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