Children Creativity. Poppies - Craft out of Plastic Bottles, Tutorial

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To develop my children creativity is the subject that interests me greatly. And every spectacular idea concerning handmade crafts draws my attention. I've found a wonderful tutorial and am eager to share it with you. You'll learn how to make crafts out of plastic bottles, this time we are going to make Poppies. Perhaps, some of you'll be surprised but these fabulous flowers have been made of plastic bottles. After watching this tutorial you'll be able to make the poppies with your own hands. Good luck in your creativity!

Poppies — Craft out of Plastic Bottles, Tutorial

1. Out of paper cut out the stencils of a corolla, a sepal and a leaf of a poppy.

2. Out of the middle part of a red plastic bottle cut out corollas with petals according to the stencils.

3. The leaves and sepals have been cut out of the middle part of a green bottle according to the stencils.

4. I've made the necessary form of the workpieces over the flame of the candle with hot air. Remember — the flame of the candle shouldn't touch the workpieces. This work should be done in a well-aired room, what is extremely important if your kids help you.

5. Punch the corollas and sepals in the center with a pricker.

6. Cut a green bottle in a spiral.

7. The made strip cut slightly close to the middle on the one side with scissors.

8. I've used solid wire in the plastic winding for a stem. Then I've taken away the winding from the end of the wire.

9. To make a stem I've wound the wire with a green strip from a bottle softening it over the flame of the candle.

10. Here are the stems I've made.

11. I cut slightly close the leaves on the edge.

12. Then I form the necessary curve of them over the flame of the candle.

13. And here is the leaf I've got.

14. Fix the leaf to the stem, coat the stem with the cutting of the leaf softened over the flame.

15. On the end of the wire-stem put the sepal.

16. Put the first corolla.

17. Now — the second corolla.

18.For making stamens I cut out circles from the plastic bottle of the orange color and cut them slightly close not reaching the center a bit.

19. Work up over the flame of the candle.

20. Put the stamens on the stem.

21. Bend the end of the wire fastening the flower.

22. Cut out small circles from a brown bottle and stars from a green one. Work them up over the flame. They will hide the wire gluing them in the center of the flower.

23. First glue a brown circle with a thermal pistol.

24. Then on it glue a green star.

25. The work has been done. Here are my lovely poppies.

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