Children creativity. Movable paper puppets - clowns, hares, dogs and others

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Children creativity can`t leave us indifferent as it presents us with lots of amazing and unconventional ideas helping to stimulate our kid development. I`ve found how to make wonderful movable puppets and are eager to share with you. These are funny clowns, hares, dogs and other attractive animals, they are movable and can make your toddler`s life more lively and bright. Besides, they can be touching gifts which your kid won`t part with.
Print all the patterns and cut them out. Make the details of the body out of green cardboard and a comb — out of yellow. Punch the places marked with dots and fasten the parts of the body with rivets — a head and a neck, a neck and a body, a body and the first part of the tail and so on. All the details should be jointed in the same way.
Cut out the hatched part of the head as shown in the model. On this place glue the detail cut out from black paper with the teeth from yellow paper glued beforehand.Stick an eye to the head, draw a nose, a cheek and outline the mouth with black felt-tip pen. Glue the flame made from orange and yellow paper and a cock in back of the body. Now cut out all the details once more making the head without a flame. Fix with rivets only an arm and a leg. Put a bit of glue in the middle of each detail. Glue carefully the pieces of the body one after another to the already made parts. The toy will move and take many positions when you move the pieces.

The pattern is here





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Very popular movable paper (or wooden) (russian?) puppet — Blacksmiths.

movable paper (or wooden) russian puppet - Blacksmiths

movable paper (or wooden) russian puppet - Blacksmiths

movable paper (or wooden) russian puppet - Blacksmiths

Do you understand how to do it?
Will you look at this clown, please. It`s cute, I guess, and easy in making. Will you try?

Movable Cardboard Clown
And this is a scheme of a movable cheburashka: Movable puppet
We can try to make a movable Father Frost on the eve of the New 2019:

father frost
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