Children creativity. Handmade Valentine`s Day Gift - BOOKMARK

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Children and creativity . Children like grown-ups try to show their tender feelings towards their close friends presenting them with something unusual; and they prefer handmade gifts to the bought ones. They make cards, pictures, cute paper flowers and other souvenirs to please the people for whom they are designed. Among the crafts made simply, this funny BOOKMARK will certainly draw the kids` attention. It`ll be a wonderful gift for those who like reading.

Children creativity. Handmade Valentine`s Day Gift - BOOKMARK


You`ll need:

red, pink and white paper, crayons, scissors, glue, special eyes (or buttons instead of them), wire for antennae, marker.


1. Begin with making a stencil of a small heart. Then circle it on the colored paper (two things of each color). You should have 6 hearts.

2. Then from pink paper cut a bigger heart.

3. Now glue the hearts together as shown in the photo.

4. Glue the eyes and antennae.

5. Draw the smile with a marker.

That`s all! By the way, instead of simple colored paper, you can use velvet paper, then your gift will live longer.

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