Children Creativity. Handmade Finger Puppet Show for Kids Aged 2 to 6

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Children creativity is an inexhaustible source of art activities so necessary for kids uprearing and educating. I want to tell you how we foster love to the world of beauty — the theater in our kids. Children acquaintance with the theater world begins with a puppet show as the simplest and most understandable for little ones.

Finger puppet games begin from the age of two.
They are an irreplaceable helper for an educator in communicating with kids which keeps the little ones from getting bored while performing some useful but a bit tiring activities for them. The uniqueness of handmade finger puppet show is that small puppets made by the educators contain their love, warmth, creative energy and a great desire to cultivate the best feelings in their children. Here are the lovely creatures we've got in our kindergarten.

The world of finger puppets is a magic world, in which a child «lives» playing, rejoices and explores the world surrounding him. The educator starts acquainting the kids with finger puppets forming children skills to control the movements of their own fingers and later teaches them elementary actions with puppets. First the educator, putting a puppet on his finger, comes to a kid and on behalf of a «piglet» or a «bear» «speaks» to him, caresses, cheers him up asking for making something. Later on the kids play their own puppet theater showing a simple plot, small poems or a fairytale e.g. «Roly-Poly». A wonder appears in little children hands: a finger-hero begins to move, dance, jump up forming the feeling that it is an alive actor. And very soon our little ones become more relaxed and independent, the interest towards the world of beauty arises.

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