Children creativity: Children application from color paper for children to make at home or in kindergarten

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I want to show you the applications made by my children at different age and time. Our first applications were very simple — nice caterpillars. My kids glued small circles to make funny caterpillars with great pleasure and for a lot of time. I was happy to look at them at work! :)

This small cock turned out to be marvellous. When my daughter was younger, I helped her to cut parts of the pictures, now she is 5 and makes everything herself.

It was intended not to glue that funny small elephant on paper. It is made of the majority of small paper hearts. If you look at the application carefully, you will see that only a trunk has a slightly different form and cut from carton.Earlier my kid made the picture dirty in glue quite often like this elephant, and now he has become neater.


This is kolobok — its hands and legs are cut from color paper and folded like a fan:

And this is a parrot — not very good but lovely, I think.

This nice creature is a small fox. But we`ve planed to glue a red cat — a skirt is made of a small piece of napkin folded like an accordion.

The unknown to science creature — it was intended to make a kitten.

Our latest creativity

Our small fir tree is made of narrow strips of paper twisted like ringlets. To make it takes a lot of time but it`s worth of it as you work together with your kid who`s happy and involved.

We planned to make a small fox

My daughter`s yesterday craft — Mother and Step-Mother

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Wow! So many appliques for children! We`ll obviously use some of them for our creativity work with kids in the kindergarten. The applique below is also cute, isn`t it?

An applique from paper
These appliques are adorable! Little children will make them with rapture, I hope.
The appliques are cute as they are easy for children to make:

appliques from colored paper

appliques from colored paper

appliques from colored paper
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