Children creativity. A lesson on the unconventional drawing technique - color and white-black grattage in a kindergarten

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We take a delight in finding new original ideas on children creativity. Try to master this unconventional drawing for kids technique — color and white-black grattage. Perhaps, on reading these words, you'll think about something complicated. But don't be scared: start working and you'll be a success. I'm sure you'll get plenty of fun.
Grattage is the way of emphasizing the picture by scratching paper or cardboard, on which there are blots of Indian ink, with a pen or any other sharp instrument.
The word «grattage» is derived from the French word «gratter» — to scratch, to scrape. That's why the second name of this technique is scratching.

Black and white grattage:

The age: 5 years and more.

The means of expressiveness: a line, a stroke, a contrast.

Materials: thin cardboard or thick paper of white color, a candle, a wide brush, black Indian ink, liquid soap (about one drop on a soup spoon of Indian ink) or tooth powder, small brushes for Indian ink and a small stick with sharpened ends.

The way of making a picture:
A child rubs a sheet with a candle in such a way that it is fully covered in wax. Then it's covered with liquid soap or tooth powder (in this case it's poured with Indian ink without any additions). After everything has been dried, a picture is being scratched.

Color grattage
The age: over 6 years old.
Materials: oil pastel, paraffin, black Indian ink or gouache.

The way of making a picture:
First a child colors the whole sheet with many-colored oil pastel, then puts a bit of paraffin on it and after that covers the sheet with black gouache. A picture is scratched with a sharp thing (you may use a toothpick).

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