Children crafts. The world of children creativity - A Fish from fluted cardboard

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You will need: fluted cardboard, crape color paper, two white lids from plastic bottles, glue, a ruler, thin wire, thick thread, a knife, and scissors.
1. Draw a contour of a fish on a piece of cardboard. Put the cardboard on hard surface, cut on the contour with a knife.

2. Cut a fish into parts as in the scheme. Cut with a knife according to the dotted line, use a ruler if necessary.

3. Unfold a piece of blue paper on the table measuring more than a fish, put some glue on each part of the fish in turn and stick them to the paper. Press them. Glue the other side of the fish and put blue paper on it. When everything gets dry, cut unnecessary paper.

4. Make circles of different diameters from color paper. Glue them on both sides of the fish. Glue eyes, draw pupils with a black marker or glue small pieces of paper.

5. Make holes in a 9-centimeter fish with a sharp knife or a knitting needle. Follow the scheme). Lay out the parts of the fish on the table, fasten the trunk with wire pieces. Draw threads into upper holes and tie them.

6. Take a stick or twist hard a sheet of paper and tie the fish to the stick.

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It`s an amazimg handmade toy both for making and playing with it.
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