Children Crafts. The Team Work of the Art Studio - Paper Doll Golden Autumn

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I'd like to point out to a lovely children craft — a paper doll Golden Autumn. It's the team-work of our art studio. This wonderful doll decorated the studio during the whole autumn. We made it collectively with the children of elder groups in our kindergarten.

Paper Doll Golden Autumn

I glued its silhouette out of large sheets of paper and put it on a wooden support. Mainly the children decorated the doll, I only gave them some advice. They cut out various symbols of autumn: red, yellow leaves, different flowers and then colored them and made applications. The doll's head was made out of paper and it looks like a cone. The eyes, the nose, the mouth were drawn with felt-tip pens and the head was covered with a wreath and dried wheat-ears.
Isn't it fabulous?

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