Children Crafts. The Eagle-Owl - Modeling out of Salted Paste, Masterclass

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Modeling out of salted paste is not less popular than making other children crafts. I'd like to show you how to model a lovely eagle-owl and I think this masterclass will arouse your interest and you'll try to create something alike.


For modeling such a craft you'll need the following materials and instruments:
— salted paste,
— a knife,
— manicure scissors,
— brushes, paints,
— colorless quickly drying lacquer,
— a sawn end of a tree,
— lace and a piece of lather,
— glue «Moment»,
— cones and twigs,
— universal polymeric glue.

Model the Eagle-owl.
Roll up a ball out of salted paste and squashing it between the palms make a prominent oval tablet. Make the holes for eyes with a finger and moistening with water, fasten the eyes — small tablets, and then the pupils — small balls.

Make the Eagle-owl's beak.

Make the bird's feathering with manicure scissors (the thinner the scissors the better). Start forming the eyes. The feathers on the body begin to make from above from left to right, beforehand moistening a bit the tablet with water so that the edges of the feathers weren't torn. In each further row make the cuts in a chess order.

Make the paws and fasten them to the body, don't forget to moisten the joints of the bird's parts with water.

Dry the workpiece in an oven. Before drying leave the craft in the air so as to prevent its cracking. Color the eagle-owl with paints.

On making sure that the article has been dried, put some colorless quickly drying lacquer on it.
Putting the craft into the final shape.
You'll need a sawn end of a tree, worked up and covered with lacquer beforehand. On the opposite side of it out of lace make a loop for hanging, fixing it to the sawn end of a tree with a piece of leather and the glue «Moment».

For decorating we use small pine cones, which are stuck to the twigs with the universal polymeric glue.

When all the elements of the craft have been dried, we make a composition and glue them in succession.

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