Children crafts. Palms out of plastics bottles - an article of decoration of the playground made by parents and their children

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If you are interested in children crafts and make them, the result of your hobby may be useful not only for you but also for others. I want to tell you about spectacular articles of decoration of the playground — palms out of plastics bottles.

I saw them in the yard of the block of flats where I live. The playground was decorated with such unusual African like palms made by parents and their children. In summer there was a competition «The Best Yard» in our city and the playground of our yard was decorated so unconventionally. I managed to get acquainted with the family who created such original palms.
The parents drew their children in the work — a nine-year-old son and a thirteen-year-old daughter. This is how they made the palms.
You should have a lot of plastics bottles, the more the better — the palms will look like more spectacular. The trunk is made out of sticks driven into the ground. The bottoms of the bottles are cut off and the rest parts are cut into small rectangles. The necks of the bottles are put on the sticks and into each other. Do like this till you have the palm of the necessary size.
To form the top of the palm take a green bottle, cut off its bottom and what is left cut into lots of thin strips. The strips are fixed to the trunk. To make the palm more volume take 2-3 green bottles. And that's all. Look! This is the result of your efforts:

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