Children crafts. Original beads out of clay - a handmade gift on March 8, a scheme, photos

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Hello! I take a delight in looking for new children crafts in various magazines and books. I guess I've found a really spectacular one — your daughters and sons will be glad to make and present with it their mothers, grannies and sisters on March 8. They will do their utmost to make these original beads out of clay, not only because it's a handmade gift on March 8 for mums and grannies but also a lovely thing in itself. To make your work easier you'll have a scheme and photos.You'll need: clay for modeling, a needle, thread, a knife (look at the photo and work with it very carefully). If you have some extra beads, you can string them too.


1. Out of pink clay roll up a stick 30 cm long (or 2 sticks 15 cm long each); out of white clay — a stick 6 cm long.

2. Out of violet clay roll up a stick 6 cm long and crush it flat.

3. Wrap the white stick with a violet plate.

4. Make the same with the pink stick.

5. Cut all the sticks into pieces of the same size — about 6 cm.

6. Form a flower.

7. Paste spaces up.

8. Wind the workpiece round with a layer of clay.

9. Cut the made cylinder into pieces 0,5 cm long.

10. String beads on the thread.

11. Get dry the beads by room temperature 36 hours. The beads are ready! Aren't they marvelous? I'm sure you don't regret you've spent time making them.

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Right you are. The beads are marvelous. My daughter will make and then wear them with pleasure.
It`s very beautiful for girls to make and wear. Thanks for the idea.
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