Children Crafts. Lessons of Floristics for Kids - Decorate the Room and Vases for Flowers

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Children crafts are incredibly useful and exciting. They can keep our children busy and inventive for a long time. Here are the lessons of floristics for kids at your disposal. You'll find interesting ideas how to decorate the room, how to make lovely vases for flowers.

Decorate the Room and Vases for Flowers

The following materials are needed:

— two glass vessels,
— natural flowers,
— seashells,
— many-colored gravel,
— cloth.


Find two vessels of different height — one transparent and wider than the other. It may be a simple bottle made of glass or plastics. The narrow vessel put into a wide one. The spaces between the glass of the vessels fill with beautiful seashells, colorful gravel, moss, coarse sand or nice cloth. Pour water in the inner vessel and put a bunch of flowers in it.

Children crafts. The lessons of floristics for kids - decorate the room, the vases for flowers

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