Children crafts. Handmade Vase with Flowers on Mother`s Day

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On Mother`s Day you can make a simple craft Vase with Flowers. It`s not complicated to perform; besides, it may be a pleasant handmade gift for your mum, granny or sister.

VASE, children crafts

Any child can easily make a vase for flowers from available materials. You`ll need a plastic bottle from yogurt or other drinks, plasticine, groats and seeds. Cut off the upper part of the bottle — it`s not needed. Cover the whole surface of the made glass with plasticine. Use the groats and seeds to decorate it. Little kids can use beans, pumpkin or watermelon seeds; older children can take smaller products (buckwheat, rice, peas) and they can spread a pattern. The Vase is made! You should make only flowers to put into it.

Children crafts. Handmade Vase with Flowers on Mother`s Day


Your gift will be better if the vase contains beautiful flowers. To make flowers you`ll need: colored or wrapping paper, bright buttons, wooden sticks, PVA glue, scissors.

How to Make Flowers

Fold a square sheet of paper in four, then like a triangle. Cut the wide edge semicircle or like a triangle. Unfold the detail — the paper flower is ready. To make the flower volume, glue on it one or two such details but of a smaller size. Attach a button in the center of the flower; on the back side glue a stick stalk. It can be painted green with gouache. From paper cut a leaf of an oval shape and attach it to the skewer. With your kid make three or more flowers and put them into the vase. A fabulous gift for your mum is ready!

Children crafts. Handmade Vase with Flowers on Mother`s Day

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The idea is wonderful! The following picture shows us one more vase made from available materials:

Vase for flowers
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