Children Crafts. Handmade Candles - Easter Table Decoration

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At Easter fire is a symbol of light and traditionally it decorates the festive table. You certainly understand that I mean not a fire but candles. The tradition goes back to the times when a candle was put at the altar during the night service at Easter. The holy flame of this candle was a symbol of Resurrection. In those old times believers brought home candles with blessed fire and lit home lamps and candles from them. This tradition symbolizes Christ's sacrifice for the sake of all people.

Handmade Candles — Easter Table Decoration

You can have such «fire» on your own table. I advise you to decorate the Easter table with handmade candles. These children crafts are gorgeous and fairly easy to make.

Decorate your Easter table with small many-colored candles. Following our advice you'll be able to make a candle in a painted candlestick, and if you take away egg-shell, you'll have a wax egg with a wick.

In a fresh egg make two holes: a little hole on the one side, a big one — on the other. Pour away the egg, wash and dry the shell.

Through the shell put a piece of thick natural thread. The end of the thread on the side of the small hole fix with plasticine. The end of the other side wind round a toothpick.

Place the shell on a small glass, wind the thread round a toothpick and stretch it as shown in the photo.

Melt the wax and pour it inside the shell carefully. If there's no wax, melt a candle. Help your child to do it!
Place the egg filled with wax even and watch that the thread (the wick) should be in the middle.

When the wax thickens, cut off the unnecessary thread on both ends. Paint the shell with gouache or acryliс paint.

It's better to paint flowers with a cotton-wool stick or a toothpick wound round with cotton-wool.

Bright and fascinating candles are made out of colorful wax. You can carefully take away the shell and will have an egg-candle.

For candles make supports out of paper or rubber. Besides, you can use small glasses for this purpose.

These candles will be a spectacular decoration of your festive table.

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