Children crafts from plastics bottles - how to make plastics crafts, a photo, an instruction

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We look forward to finding new ideas on kids art and crafts. Now I want to give you instructions how to make children crafts from plastics bottles.
You`ll need:
plastics bottles with cut away necks, color paper. From color paper cut out a tail, a beak, a black back, eyes and a red cap. Glue all the details to the plastics bottle.

A Car
— a red plastics bottle,
— 2 pencils 15 cm long,
— 4 punts of plastics bottles (wheels),
— glue, a brush, scissors, color paper.
A bottle is a basis, make holes in it and and put pencils in them — axles, fasten wheels on them, cut out doors, windows from color paper and glue them to the basis of the car.

A Pram
a tin from a detergent, 4 wheels, 2 axles, scissors.
Mark the lines of cuts in pencil, on the lines cut out a place for a seat in the pram. Make holes from both sides and put the axles for wheels in, fasten them. Decorate the pram.

A Doll
plastics bottles, scissors, color paper, glue, color pencils, a sticky tape.
A bottle is a doll`s dress, the upper part is a head. From color paper make hair, arms, an apron and fasten these parts to the bottle. Draw eyes,a nose, a mouth or cut out them from paper and glue.

A Butterfly
Materials: plastics bottles of different colors, scissors, a pricker, wire.
Cut out wings with the help of a stencil — make them of various colors, make cuts in the bottle and put wings in them. Decorate the butterfly as you like.

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