Children Crafts. Decorative Panels Love Bird and Flower Lawns - our Joint Works in the Quilling Technique

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We know that children crafts require an infusion of imagination from the child. And parents turn to them constantly as they try to find new and exciting ideas which will make their kids' life diverse, help to develop their creative abilities and stimulate their interest to explore the world around them. I'd like to draw your attention to our joint works in the quilling technique — decorative panels «Love Bird» and «Flower Lawns». Please, get acquainted with them and if they appeal to you, start creating yourself. I hope, at the end of your work you'll get a fabulous thing and a lot of fun.

Quilling technique or paper twisting is used to decorate objects, to make volume things, decorative panels or even volume sculptures. I want to show you our joint works made by my 6 — 7 years old children from a kindergarten with my help, of course.

First, I taught my kids what quilling is, we made simple flowers — tulips, roses, leaves and etc. But on some fine day I made up my mind to create something fabulous and original! And I chose a love bird! The children approved my choice and we started to work. Double-sided color paper we substituted for simple paper napkins of different colors. The strips were cut by the children. The only difficulty was to make the feathers of the tail. It's necessary to glue the strips of 6 colors in succession, then wind a strip round a toothpick (in the center we've got white or green color, therefore begin winding round with white or green strip; you may use other colors, then you've got another color from outside). In this way we wind round the roses which are placed in the right top corner of the picture.

Here's what we've got:

In the panel «Flower Lawn» we added fringed flowers:

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