Children crafts. A wreath for girls from wild flowers - learn and braid themselves, a masterclass

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Children crafts is the place to have fun and delight. I advise you to make a wreath from wild flowers — it's easy to learn and braid. Small and big girls like flowers very much, besides they are fond of decorating themselves with flowers, so they'll start braiding this wreath from ox-eye daisies with great desire. It's so simple that even small hands of little girls can manage to cope with, using this masterclass as an instruction.

You'll need: 15-30 big or 50-60 small ox-eye daisies. In general, you can take different flowers: dandelions, daisies, blue cornflowers etc.


1. If you are going to gather flowers in the meadow, take a small basket to put them there. You'll need 15-20 big flowers or 50-60 small ones.
2. Tear off the stems of the flowers as long as your middle finger is, the stems of the little flowers should be the length of about the little finger.
3. Lay out the flowers, for example, on the garden table. On the stem between a flower itself and the end of the stem make a cut with the thumbnail of about 1 cm long.

4. Unclench the cut a bit and put the stem of the second flower through it.

5. You should repeat this action till the chain of flowers gets the length so that it can twine around the head. On the last stem make the cut of such a length so that the first flower of the chain can be put through. The wreath is ready.

A piece of advice for parents:

Very little children can gather flowers for a wreath, you can braid it — and everybody gets a lot of pleasure.

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