Children Crafts. A Tortoise out of Tire Casings. Handmade Flowerbeds for a Playground

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If you have a desire to make your kids happy, create something together with them: children are fond of working with their parents or grandpas who, in their turn, have an opportunity to teach their lovely kids about the world around them. Children crafts will help you. Try to implement this idea on your children playground. It's a wonderful idea — Tortoise-Flowerbed. Children like animal figures out of car tire casings. How is this flowerbed made? For making such a tortoise you'll need a tire casing, a tire-tread from a tire casing which is cut into 4 parts, a piece of plastic pipe for a neck, newspapers and scotch for a head.

Pieces of the tire tread (for the paws) are put into the cuts made on both sides of the tire. A tail is made from a small piece of a tire tread. The paws and the tail are fixed with wire cramps. A head is made out of newspapers and fastened to the plastic pipe with scotch. The whole construction is put into the cut and fixed with special nails. After painting the craft, draw the eyes, a nose and a mouth.

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