Children craft ideas. Do-it-yourself Roomy Valentine Card

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Children craft ideas are numerous and of various difficulty: there are a number of simple crafts and a lot of complicated ones. This beautiful Roomy Valentine Card is simple and easy in making — schoolchildren will create it with pleasure at their art lessons and then give to their close friends as a small souvenir gift.


On a sheet of paper draw the same workpieces (you can print this one) and cut them.
Fold the cut parts in two.
Make three incisions on each part as shown in the picture.
Take the red part into the left hand and the white one into the right. First interweave only one (the first) white strip with all the red ones. To do this:
1. thread the white strip under the first red one,
2. then put it on the second red,
3. place under the third one,
4. put on the fourth red.

Start putting the second white strip on the red one. The fourth white strip is interweaved like the previous ones.

Children craft ideas. Do-it-yourself Roomy Valentine Card

5. Spread the small valentine bag well.
6. On the top glue a small holder.

Here are some versions of this valentine but made from paper of different colors

Children craft ideas. Do-it-yourself Roomy Valentine Card

This card bag will be more beautiful if it`s made bigger and from tight paper — you can even put some sweets into it.

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Great! I`ve just looked for such an idea. What do you think about this valentine card?

Valentine card

It`s cute, too, isn`t it?
Thanks for this idea of card making. We hope ours will be so beautiful.
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