Children craft ideas. Basket with flowers from fluted paper. How to make

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How to make flowers from cigarette paper? It`s not difficult.
The flowers made from cigarette paper gathered into a bunch will become quite an interesting decoration of your flat. You can make them with your hands.

For your work you will need: cigarette paper — red and yellow, some wire, balls of woolen threads, sharp scissors and pliers.

Making petals. Fold a strip of cigarette paper so that it made some rectangles 12 cm by 20 cm.

Make the angles of the folded rectangle round on the one side with scissors.

Make a bowl out of paper.

Wrap up a cotton ball into a piece of yellow cigarette paper. It will be a stamen of the flower.

Put the stamen into the bowl.

Wrap the bowl with the cut out petals.

Fasten the lower part of the flower with the help of a piece of wire and pliers.

Unbend the petals off the bowl carefully so that not to tear them off.

And the flower is ready! Bunches of such flowers made from various color paper look fascinating.

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It's really interesting. Thank you.
I don't think it's easy to make, but it looks perfect.
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