Children and creativity. Volume snowflakes - schemes - the New Year crafts

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Children creativity is the topic that interests us much. We are going to offer you some marvelous New Year crafts — volume snowflakes, schemes.
These crafts are quite complicated for children to perform but I`m sure they`ll watch the process of making by grown-ups with great interest. First it`s necessary to copy a drawing, then cut it out with a special knife. To my mind all baubles consist of two equal parts or, perhaps, three. After you have cut everything, both parts are bended half-and-half, glued in the middle and unbend. The bauble is ready!

Some more baubles:

Here are some simple schemes of the New Year decorations:

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It`s high time to decorate our homes before Christmas — I`ll make such snowflakes and hang them on the windows and ceiling. It`ll be fabulous! And I want to share with you the schemes of snowflakes, I`ve found; perhaps, you`ll like them.

The schemes of snowflakes
more cute snowflakes:

paper snowflakes

paper snowflakes

paper snowflakes
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