Children and creativity. Paper crafts. Handmade card - a basket with flowers

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This application is simple and beautiful. Everything is done easily: flowers, leaves, a basket — cut out all parts from color paper at will. You can decorate the card with the inscription — «March 8» or «Happy Birthday!» ]
I`ll tell you in detail how to make roses:
1. Cut out thin strips from a napkin — you`ll have 3 strips from one napkin.

2. Fold as it is shown in the photo, the middle should be thicker.

3. Start twisting — at first more tightly, then gathering to make puffy.

4. One rose may be left smaller like in the photo below. And you need one more strip for making the rest.

5. Squeeze hard the end of a rose and cut it off.

6. Now stick the parts together with glue.

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