Children and creativity. Mosaic craquele - crafts out of egg-shell

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Isn`t it important for you? I mean children and creativity. I`m certain it is. You, parents, are eager to stimulate your children`s imagination and creativity. So you`ll get interested in mosaic craquele — crafts out of egg-shell.
Let`s make an application of a Star.

We`ll need:
thick paper, egg-shell, glue, a brush, scissors, a pencil, acrylic paint
1. You are to remove the internal film of an egg-shell.

2. Draw a star on a piece of thick cardboard.

3. Glue the part of the star, put a piece of an egg-shell on it and press it crushing.

4. Then glue one more small part of the star and press an egg-shell. Continue making it till the star is fully covered with egg-shell. Don`t pay attention to the blanks among the small parts of egg-shell on the star so far.

5. Now you are to glue carefully the left blanks with egg-shell: glue the blanks and choose the tiny parts of egg-shell with the help of pincers.

6. Now color the star.It`s be better to do it with acrylic paint but you may use water-color or gouache paint as well. Leave it to get dry.

7. After your work is fully dry start skinning it. You can work here as you like: you may leave more lighter parts; if you skin harder only craqueles will be seen.

8. Our star is ready!!! You should cut it out.

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