Children and creativity. How to make a Wonder-fish - kids handmade craft from paper plates

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You are eager to develop your children creativity, aren`t you? I guess you`ll like this kids handmade craft from paper plates. I`ll tell you how to make it. For this craft you`ll need:
— strips of color cellophane,
— a paper plate, glue,
— a punch,
— felt-tip pens,
— scissors,
— a strip of color paper.
1. Cut out a triangle from a paper plate and glue it from the opposite side.

2. Cut a strip of color paper into small triangles, glue them on the edge of the mouth of a fish — these are teeth.

3. Draw eyes and scales in felt-tip pens. Make holes with a punch on the tail and on the upper and lower edges of the plate.

4. Put strips of cellophane into the holes. The Wonder-fish is ready! Now you see it`s not hard to make this kids handmade craft from paper plates.

Foot-note: If you have no paper plate, you can use color cardboard — cut out a circle from it.

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This craft if good for children to make in the kindergarten, I`ll use it.
The craft is simple even for toddlers. It's cute!
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