Children and creativity. Craft making for beginners. Christmas tree Ornament - BOW

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Christmas and New Year holidays will soon be with us. We`ve got a lot of preparations and Christmas tree decoration is one of them. Besides buying lovely Christmas ornaments some of us try to have something special in the tree and make fabulous things with their own hands. We`ve already told you how to make origami and quilling snowflakes, snowmen, garlands. This time pay attention, please, to a new kids craft idea which isn`t difficult in making, so your kids will cope with it easily and with joy. This lovely ornament Bow will certainly look special and attractive on your Christmas tree.

Children and creativity. Craft making for beginners. Christmas tree Ornament - BOW

To make a BOW you`ll need:
colored paper, foil, cloth, ribbons, glue, threads, beads, paillettes, fringe, spangles.

How to make

1. A Bow is one of the simpliest ornament in making. Choose the paper of the colors you like, cut rectangles equal to the size of the bow you want to make. It`s better to use double-sided paper, but if your paper is one-sided, you simply glue two rectangles so that the color may be on both sides. Then fold the workpiece accordion style, tie a nice ribbon in the middle so that its ends form a loop. And here it is, the Bow is ready.

2. Foil can also be a perfect material for Bow making. If you have no it in the house, use chocolate wrapper.

3. Bows made from cloth is also spectacular. Take the ribbons for hair that you don`t use any more, tie a nice bow and sew it in the knot so that the bow shouldn`t untie.

4. Some craft makers prefer to use candy wrappers as the material for their creative work. This variant is also nice as candy wrappers are usually bright and sparkling; it means it`s perfect for Christmas tree decoration. The only negative point here is the size restriction of the bow.

5. You see, different materials can be used for Bow making; but they`ll look too simple and even dull if you don`t decorate them with beads, various paillettes, fringe or spangles. These small decorative things can be attached in two ways: with threads or decorative glue.

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