Children and creativity. A toy-craft for kids - a drum - how to make out of a tin

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Children and creativity is the topic that we always care for wishing to find something special and exciting. This toy-craft for kids will interest you, I think, as it's lovely and fairly simple in making. Your elder children can manage to make it themselves, but younger sons and daughters will need your help. We'll show you how to make a drum out of a tin, it may be a nice present for little kids. They'll be happy to play with it.
As a basis take an empty tin from corn, coffee or green peas. Make sure that the edge of the tin isn't sharp and won't present any danger to the kid in case he breaks the toy.

How to make:
1. Glue the tin round with paper. Color it with felt-tip pens or paints as desired. You may use the application here too.
2.On top of the tin put thick wrapping paper and wind round with office elastic and a ribbon.

3. Make sticks out of two sticks for juice and plasticine made balls. Pencils or Chinese sticks will suit too.

Here it is, the drum is ready! Your kid can drum to his pleasure! :)

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Cool! Tins are a perfect material for craftmaking. See for yourself:

Handmade crafts from tins

Handmade crafts from tins

Handmade crafts from tins
It`s really nice! I`m not a craftmaker myself, but I try to teach my daughter to create cute things with her own hands. And to make a drum is quite easy for a beginner, I guess.
The idea is great! We`ll try to make such a drum from a tin or, perhaps, create even something new.
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