Children Activities in the Kindergarten. Unconventional Painting Technique - Candle + Water-color + Application

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Educators do their best to diversify children activities in the kindergarten. We can suggest them one more unconventional painting technique — a candle + water-color + an application. This method is quite entertaining: kids join in the work actively. I practise this kind of painting for kids with the children a little older than 4 years old.

You will Need: (for a picture like ours)

• a candle, thick paper,
• water-color, brushes,
• scissors, glue.

The Process of Working:

A kid draws a picture with a candle. Then he colors the sheet with water-color paint in one or some colors. The picture drawn with a candle remains white. Fold a sheet in two and cut the outline of the crown of the tree. Then cut small leaves. Glue the crown of the tree on the picture where the latter hasn't been drawn. The leaves are glued at the bottom of the sheet. There can be 2-3 such trees.
Here are our works:

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