Art Lessons for Kids. How to Make a Flower Tree, a Craft out of Paper, Tutorial

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Art lessons for kids supply us with lots of wonderful ideas. I've found a staggering masterclass in the Internet and wish to share it with you. It shows how to make a lovely tree with flowers out of paper, napkins or cigarette paper. Ask your kids to help you: they'll cope with these flowers, besides, they'll enjoy working together. I'm delighted with this craft: it's easy to make and charming to look at!

How to Make a Flower Tree

The needed materials:

fluted paper (napkins or cigarette paper), P V A glue, super glue, a knitting needle (on which you'll twist roses), a pot, a trunk for a tree, some round thing and plaster.

How to Make a Flower Tree:

First cut strips out of fluted paper. Their width will depend on the size of the flowers — it's desirable to make flowers of different sizes. So you cut strips out of color paper and squares — from green paper for leaves. I've cut strips from 1 cm to 2 cm, the squares with the side of about 4 cm.

Now start making roses.

After each turning of the paper I advise you to put some glue, otherwise, the middle of the flower jumps out forward.

Bend a strip at an angle of 90 degrees. You may try making differently: the form of the flower will depend on it.

Make a lot of flowers!

Now pass to making the base of the tree.
To make it I've taken an ordinary stick and a ball which I've made out of threads, P V A glue and plaster, (you may use any round object).
Fix the ball on the stick.

Use super glue to stick the roses.

After the roses have taken their places, add some color and charm: take green squares and put them (the leaves) among the flowers at will.

Put the tree into, here, a cup — you may put it into a pot of not a big size. Into it strew some plaster and mix with water, the mixture should be thick.

«Plant» the tree into a pot.

After the tree «have taken root», cover the plaster with dry artificial fiber.

In this way you've made such a spectacular craft! It hasn't been so complicated, has it?

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