Art lessons for kids. Children applications out of maize, peas and sunflower seeds - A Sunflower

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Now I'd like to call your attention to one of the art lessons for kidschildren applications out of maize, peas and sunflower seeds. These crafts are lovely and besides, they are made out of natural materials. At one of our lessons I taught children how to make an application out of groats. This time I've chosen the application of the simplest flower — a sunflower made out of it's seeds.
Needed: a sheet of paper, maize, peas (they should be dried a little so as not to lose their color), sunflower seeds, glue.

1. On a piece of paper draw a large flower — a sunflower.
2. First glue the middle of the flower and before it dries, put seeds on the glue, pressing firmly each of them. Lay out the maize and peas in the same way.

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This craft out of natural materials will interest not only parents but also kindergarteners working with little children, as making such an applique is easy and fun. I`d like to show you one more picture, it`s only a workpiece. The applique of the hedgehog isn`t finished — they showed us only how to make the hedgehog`s spines from sunflower seeds. You`ll decide yourself on what materials to use for the rest of the body.

An applique of a hedgehog
And this craft is made from watermelon seeds. How d'you like it?

Craft from watermelon
Wonderful appliques from sunflower and pumpkin seeds are not simple in making but lovely in admiring them.

applique from seeds

applique from seeds

applique from seeds
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