Art lessons for kids. Aliens - children crafts from plasticine and beads, schemes, photos

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Teachers and parents usually want to have at their disposal as many art lessons for kids as possible. So I am going to suggest you one — how to make a children craft from plasticine and beads called «Aliens».
To make this craft you`ll need:
— plastics glasses,
— corks from bottles,
— beads of different form and size,
— wire in color covering,
— color plasticine.

1. Wind some wire round the pencil.
2. Put a nice bead on a piece of wire and twirl the end.

3. Fasten some plasticine on the upper part of a glass and in it put wire springs with beads.
4. Large beads — eyes put on a piece of wire. Make pupils and eyelashes.

5. Decorate the clothes with beads.
6. Make shoes from plasticine and beads.
7. Tie in a bow from the piece of wire which the beads have been threaded on.

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