Art lessons for kids. A New Year card - a fir-tree - the world of children creativity

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The world of children`s creativity is glamorous. Enjoy new art lessons for kids! Today we`ll make a New Year card — a fir-tree. It is for those who like making things with their own hands. Make the card together with your children.
You`ll need thick blue paper. Fold it in two. Then out of a piece of blue cardboard cut out an insertion of a smaller size than the card itself and draw a fir-tree on it in pencil, cut it.
On a white piece of paper draw a fir-tree of a bit smaller size, glue padding polyester to it and cut out. Glue the insertion on the card and then — a fir-tree. Outline the contour with a gel silvery pen.

Make a bow out of a white ribbon as shown in the photo. Fasten it putting a little glue in the middle. Out of a small strip of a ribbon make one more tip of a bow and tie the bow with a little shorter strip.

Dip a tooth brush into paint and slightly touching the blue background of the card, draw snow. Here is one more way of making snow: put some glue on the surface of the card, strew carefully some semolina and take away its remnants with a brush.
Glue the bow as shown in the photo.

Decorate the fir-tree with beads, golden lace and drops of glue with spangles.
Cut out an insertion out of blue cardboard or thick paper for an internal part of the card, glue to the main background and make the inscription «Happy New Year!» in various colors.

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