Art for kids. Master class, schemes - cut out snowflakes on the New Year Day

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Art for kids interests me very much. I`ve got a son and want to develop his ability to creativity. I have found a wonderful master class delivered by Nina Sapejshko and want to share its ideas with you. Various schemes are presented by the master. I offer you to cut out snow-flakes on the New Year Day. First let`s cut out a snow-flake with 6 rays then with 4:

The next stage — ATTENTION!!! If the previous edge we cut like a wave along the whole length, the next two edges should be cut with obligatory blanks, it`s very important to leave the parts of bended edge otherwise a snowflake will spill into parts…

original source

I have found these patterns for snow-flakes and show them to everybody.

Jolly snow-flakes:

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Fabulous! I want to share with you 3 more schemes of cutting snowflakes. Hope you`ll like them.

Schemes of cutting snowflakes
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