Art for kids. Make together with a child - crafts from salty paste, handmade gifts out of macaroni on March 8

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Kids art provides us with lots of wonderful ideas how to make interesting crafts together with our children. And we know for sure that our kids are fond of working together with their parents or elder sisters or brothers. We've found unconventional ideas of kids crafts from salty paste and we offer you to make together with your kids these original things which can be lovely presents for your relatives on March 8. These handmade gifts are created out of absolutely unusual materials — salty paste and macaroni!
First we begin with modeling out of salty paste. The recipe of salty paste is fairly simple: mix flour, salt and water to make homogeneous mass. You can add a spoon of oil and the paste will be better.

Here are our crafts for beloved dad, brother, and grand-dad. A glass for pens, dad's screw-drivers and other small articles.
Needed: 1 glass from yogurt, salty paste, mother-of-pearl beads. Put some paste on the glass and press it carefully. Work in the way as if you worked with plasticine. To make a pattern on the glass is easy: take some beads and put them tightly to the glass. You may take some beads off if desired. You should continue doing it till the paste was wet. After decorating the glass leave it to get dry in the open air. Turn it from time to time otherwise it will get wet from below.

This homemade craft can also be a glamorous gift on March 8 — it's a picture decorated with macaroni. In a plastics jar paint macaroni with acrylic paint using a brush.

Leave the crafts to get dry. Let the kid put the palm in paint himself. Then fasten the dried macaroni with glue. To make something more beautiful use a small brush.
And here is what we've got:

And now a craft on March 8 — a spectacular candle stick from salty paste. For a base use a round container from a cake, cutting away the center of it. Then stick the round surface with salty paste. The place for a candle make out of an insertion for sweets which is sold in a sweet box — simply cut out a place for one large sweet.
Decorate with beads and salty paste. And here you are — a marvelous gift on March 8:

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