Art for kids. Little Crocodiles from paper - children volume crafts out of color paper

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Art for kids is enjoyable, it enriches us with a great number of useful and unconventional ideas assisting in upbringing our children. I want you to create jolly little crocodiles and other glamorous animals from paper. They are spectacular themselves and your toddlers will willingly play with them. Besides, the process of making these toys together with your kids will improve their manual skills and stimulate imagination.

The length of the crocodile is about 50 cm.
For one crocodile you`ll need paper strips of green color:
–from 2 to 18 cm long and 2 cm wide (a neck), from 4 to 50 cm long and 1,5 cm wide (a body), 2 to 50 cm long and 1 cm wide (a tail).
— green paper,
— white paper strips — from 16 to 5 cm long and 0,3 cm wide (teeth),
— 2 eyes.

Interlace snakes and glue them at the end of the work. Cut out two pairs of paws and two heads. With a writing knife draw the line of a bend on the front piece of the head and bend the lower part ahead. Glue eyes on it, draw nostrils. Stick together the upper parts of the both details of the head. Glue the teeth from white hair interlaced like a snake (6 down and 2 above). Fix the head on the last piece of the neck with glue. On each pair of paws outline and bend back the feet with a writing knife. Glue the first pair of paws between the neck and the first piece of the body, the second — between the first and the second piece of the body. In the end glue the both parts of the tail and sharpen the end of it.
A FROG is made in the same way.
— green strips of paper from 4 to 25 cm long and 1 cm wide (for front paws), from 4 to 50 cm long and 1 cm wide (for rear legs).
— green paper 6 x 6 cm for hands, 12=12 feet.
Cardboard of green and white color.
Hands and feet are made in the following way:
Roll up like a fan 2 square pieces of paper — 5 times for hands (6 x 6 cm) and 12 times for feet (12 x 12 cm). Cut both of the fans in the middle in two parts.


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Hi! These are volume crafts of animals from colored paper:

Volume crafts of animals from colored paper

Volume crafts of animals from colored paper

Volume crafts of animals from colored paper

Aren`t they cute?
Hi! I like this craft too.
The volume paper crafts are awesome and good for any age to make!



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