Art for Children. Pistachio Trees - Crafts out of Shell

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Art for children provides us with unconventional ideas which we can use for making lovely things for the decoration of our homes. We can create them before celebrating special days in our lives. They are unusual that's why very attractive. I want to show you how to make cute pistachio trees — the crafts out of shell. Out of pistachio shell one can make artichoke cones or funny little trees.

Pistachio Trees

The idea isn't mine but I like it very much!
Beginning from the top press the shell in pairs opposite each other in the plasticine ball.

The trunks are made from food sticks. I like how they match each other in color.
The pot of the first craft is made of the shell too. I simply pressed it into a bar of plasticine and wound with thread in two places. In the second craft I broke partly sticks and wound these places slightly with scotch. I joined the sticks with the same scotch, then wound in turn with crumpled paper.

I put cones on the little trunks.

For details look here

Many interesting ideas are here too: paper folding art for kids.

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