Art for Children. Handmade Sun Craft

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Art for children provides kids with lots of exciting and fun ideas to teach them crafting. My 5-year old daughter presented me with a charming sun made by herself (with a bit of her godmother's help) on my birthday. They told me how they had made it — it turned out quite easy. Follow these instructions and you'll create your own cute sun craft.

Handmade Sun Craft

Art for Children. Handmade Sun Craft


— cardboard circle (the size of the circle is the size of your sun craft),
— thick yellow threads,
— multicolored silk ribbons,
— colored paper,
— glue.


1. Make a hole in the middle of a cardboard circle. Cut the threads into the strips of the same length: the length of a strip is the diameter of the circle plus the length of the rays.

2. Grease the cardboard circle with glue and pass the threads through the hole (the threads should be split up evenly on the circle to hide the cardboard).

3. The threads that extend beyond the circle edge collect into a bun, and tie each bun-ray with multicolored ribbons.

4. From colored paper cut the eyes, nose and mouth and glue them onto the sun.

Art for Children. Handmade Sun Craft

Good luck and pleasure in creativity!

More about crafting here: paper origami for kids.

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