Art for Children. Fir Tree out of Cones - Crafts from Natural Materials for Kids

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Art for children is so various and exciting! Getting interested in it one can find out a lot of brilliant ideas for homemade toys. I want to share some tips with you. You'll have a great desire to create this marvelous New Year Fir out of cones, as soon as you've seen it, I guess. The fir is charming in itself, besides, it's made of natural material. Your kids will join you gladly in creating it.

Fir Tree out of Cones

You'll need foam plastic (you may exchange it for plasticine), cones, wire, ribbons. Tie the ribbon in bows for the decoration of the fir, attach wire to them. Paint cones in golden or silver paints (or you may not even paint them), fasten pieces of wire to them too.
Cut a cone out of foam plastic and paint it green. After the cone has dried, fasten the tied bows and cones to it.

The craft is ready — a smart New Year tree:

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