Art for children. DUCK from Threads

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Art for children. To make this wonderful DUCK from threads won`t be easy for beginners in craft making. So, your mom or dad should help you and your joint activity will give you much satisfaction and joy. This handmade craft will be worth your efforts: the Duck will be so beautiful that it`ll be impossible to look away from it. Besides, you can present your mom with it on her birthday or Mother`s Day.

Art for children. DUCK from Threads

How to Make Cocoon from Threads:

1. Inflate the balloon the size of an apple, tie well, cut off the threads end.

2. Push the thread end of the spool lying in a jar through the needle. Pierce the edge of the small bottle with glue through. Take off the needle: you won`t need it any more. The thread must be easily pulled out of the bottle and smeared with glue well.

3. Hold the ball in the left hand and wind the thread on it with the right one. Do the coils in various directions. One spool of thread is needed for two cocoons.

4. The wet cocoon should be dried for 4-5 hours; the ready cocoon should be tough. You shouldn`t dry it on the battery or with a hairdryer as the ball can burst. While drying, a badly tied cocoon can crack as the air is going out of the ball.

5. Take the dried cocoon in the tying place in the left hand and with the right hand pierce the ball. It`ll start exitting the air with sharp crackle; take the ball scraps out through the hole at the tying place.

How to Make the DUCK:

You`ll need: two cocoons, colored paper, narrow ribbon.

Prepare the duck parts:
1. Wings. Cut two wings, glue making them volume. Cut the onlays and glue them on the wings.

2. Cut the bib and the onlay on it.

3. Beak. Cut the two details, incise a bit and glue making a convex shape.

4. Cut the eyes, cheeks and legs.

5. Hair. Cut some thin strips of yellow paper and wind them onto the pencil.

6. Cut and glue the tail.


1. Sew the two cocoons.

2. On the neck tie a bow from a thin ribbon.

3. Glue the beak, cheeks and eyes.

4. Glue the hair from yellow paper strips on the head; a bow like on the neck can also be glued.

5. Glue the wings, bib, tail and legs.

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