Art for children. Crafts on March 8 - flowers out of foam rubber

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Art for children is the topic that interests you, curious and careful parents and teachers. As far as us is concerned, we always look for something new and unconventional to suggest you. All of us know that crafts can be made from anything! We've found surprisingly nice crafts on March 8 — the flowers made out of foam rubber.
Look! What marvelous flowers can be made out of household sponge!
Take a piece of ordinary sponge for dish washing, cut it into strips not reaching the center. Form flowers using your imagination. Inside you can glue something: a cock from plastics bottle or something else to make the flower nicer.

Put a flower on the pipe for cocktail and glue the leaves from color paper. The flower is ready! Such flowers won't fade long.

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Nothing original. I don`t like.
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