Art for children. An application - the HEDGEHOG

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Sooner or later practically every mother turns to art thinking about the development of her kid's creative abilities. Here we'd like to share some interesting ideas helping mothers in educating their children. It'll be useful for both experienced mothers and beginners.

Art for children. An application - the HEDGEHOG

Today we want to tell you about a very simple craft — how to make an application the «HEDGEHOG». The children aged 1,5 and older can make it.

Attention! The craft should be made by the children's hands and not by the mother's. Sometimes, mothers think that the kids will learn how to make, if they watch them work. But it's not right. Let the kid's thing be curved, oblique, uneven or even spoiled, but it's his own work, his own experience. In some years both the mother and her kid will be proud of the nice things made by the skilled hands of her son or daughter.

If a kid is a fidget, only a beginner in such kind of activity, divide the work into some stages and perform them in different days, when a toddler feels like doing this work.

You'll need cardboard, some sheets of colored paper and glue to make the HEDGEHOG.

1. Tear colored paper into strips. This kind of work develops fine motor skills perfectly, that's why it is very useful. The kid can tear paper into strips, pieces or as it will turn out. In our case the strips have been made.

2. Show your kid glue and explain to him how to work with it. Later on, to glue something will become one of the kid's favorite activities.

3. Glue the strips only from below. On the left leave the place for a muzzle. The eyes and the mouth are made from colored paper pieces; the muzzle can be cut out in the form of a triangle with the rounded bottom by the mother.

4. All is done! Your kid has put a lot of work and efforts, so the craft should be hung in the best place in the flat to be the pride of the whole family.

Art for children. An application - the HEDGEHOG

We hope you won't stop here and continue making various wonderful things so important for forming kid's creative abilities, which are extremely necessary for the development of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Art for children. An application - the HEDGEHOG

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So pretty! It's simple for toddlers to train their fine motor skills.
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