Art and Craft Kits for Kids. Thermamosaic for Children - Sets for Creativity

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Art and craft kits for kids always deserve teachers and parents`s attention. They care for the development of their children`s aesthetic views. So everything new and worthy attracts them, they buy and use it in the work with kids. I want to tell you about my first experience of using thermal mosaic.

Thermal mosaic for children are the sets for creativity. A set consists of a table in the form of some animal, a means of transport or something else and a number of many-colored small cylinders — beads. On the table there are very short pins on which beads are put. Then you are to iron the made picture using the thermal paper (it is given in the set) and take it off the table. If you are of short of beads or tables, you can buy them as they are sold separately.

I bought such a set some years ago and understood that my daughter was too young to play with it. The second time I have bought it for her when she is 7 years old but she doesn`t enjoy paying with it either. I don`t know why. In my view it`s quite an interesting set for creativity.

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