Art Activities for Kids. Unconventional Methods and Ways of Drawing - Paint with Semolina

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Today I'd like to draw your attention to drawing ideas for kids as they play a tremendous role in children aesthetic upbringing. I'm sure that unconventional methods and ways of drawing will deserve your attention. What about painting with semolina?
I'm an organizer of the «Skillful hands» club in kindergarten 93, Moguilev, Belarus. I've collected a number of creative ideas and want to share them with you. The children of our kindergarten create marvelous works under my guidance and I'm going to boast of our success. The kids enjoy attending the club, they show remarkable ability at creativity. I'll tell you how to paint with glue and semolina.

Unconventional Methods and Ways of Drawing — Paint with Semolina

Age: 4 years old and more.

The needed materials:
— P V A glue,
— black thick paper,
— semolina.

What to do:

A child draws with glue on the pattern made beforehand, then strews some semolina on the glue (you may strew one or several times). Wait till everything gets dry.

The made pictures look like these ones:

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