Art activities for kids. Make a craft - Wonder-fir out of sweets, photos, a scheme of making

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I take a delight in finding new art activities for kids as my little daughter is keen on making something lovely and original with her hands and my help. And I`m always happy and ready to create with her! It`s a marvelous and unforgettable time for us both!
I`ve read how to make a fir out of cones and found a couple of interesting ideas more — how to make a fir from sweets. Join your kid to the activity and he`ll simply plunge into work on seeing sweets. Besides, when the holiday is over, he`ll be able to take the sweets from a tree one after another.
1. Make a cone from cardboard. Paint it in the color of candy wrappers (this time — in silver color).

2. On the cone glue the tails of sweets from down to up.
3. You may leave the top of the fir unglued or glue it if you wish.
4. Dry.
And we`ve got such a wonder-tree!

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