Art activities for kids. Handmade crafts and compositions out of natural material for children - cones and leaves

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Art activities for kids interests me greatly. I`ve got a book «Magic with your own hands» — it contains a lot of samples of various crafts out of natural material for children. Here I`ll show you the most interesting ones. :)

«The aim of working with natural material is to give your kids possibility to reveal their imagination and demonstrate what lovely things can be made out of it.» Children`s imagination is much richer than grown-ups` indeed.It`s enough to show them how to make a few crafts and they`ll go on making up their own things.

FISH out of leaves of different trees.



A BIRD (the leaves of a cherry-tree, a pear-tree, a rose)


Cones,acorns, chestnuts is the material which is used for making picture-cards of animals, funny little men.

JOLLY PENGUINS (fir-tree cones, plasticine, paper)

A HEDGEHOG (pine cones, needles, plasticine)

«FRIENDS» (pine cones, plasticine, leaves, acorns)

CROCODILES (fir-tree cones, plasticine)

A LITTLE BIRD (chestnuts or acorns, feathers, plasticine, little sticks)

A KITTEN (dog rose hips, cones paleolas, needles of a fir-tree, small sticks)

A LITTLE GOAT (acorns, key fruit of a maple, twigs and sticks, seeds of an apple, plasticine)

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Hi! Crafts from natural materials are beautiful and always fun to make.

Craft from autumn leaves
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