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Here I want to offer you some more art activities for kids. They are taken from the book «Magic strips. Handwork for little children» written by I. M. Petrova. The book is amazing as it contains a lot of wonderful ideas.
New year balls.
You`ll need:
— 4 strips 1 by 19 cm of thick paper of the same color.

A ball is glued from a paper cross. Two opposite edges of the cross are glued into a ringlet, then one more ball is glued to this ringlet, and the rest… You`ll have a ball. Ir`s better to make a ball from two crosses — it `ll be of good form. The edges of one cross are marked with a short line so that not to get entangled. First glue clean edges then with a line. So you can make a lot of crafts using this method — a cork-tumbler, a fish, an octopus, signal lights… A cork-tumbler can be not only a doll but also a hare, a mouse, a fox, a cat…

A Hare and a Fox

A Snowman

A Cock and Chickens

A Kitten and Mice

More ideas here — The first kids applications. Children crafts

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Great! These handmade baubles will decorate any christmas tree better and more unusual than the baubles bought in stores. My daughter will make them for sure, and I`ll help her gladly. Here are the baubles that have attracted my attention, too:

Handmade baubles from paper strips
Oh! Lots of interesting things can be made from paper strips!

Crafts from paper strips
You like these paper strips crafts, don't you? Paper strip crafts
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